Mag-Bars are the premium gun holding magnets found on the market. These are exceptional quality gun holders with a magnetic mounting system that allows you to attach your firearm almost anywhere.

With the Mag-Bar, you can pull your firearms out of their boxes and be displayed or you can hide it under your desk or in your vehicle. The added bonus is that you don't need staples, screws or any special tools. Right out of the box it is ready to go.

Mag-Holsters utilize our Patent Pending magnet configuration to help keep your concealed carry safe and secure. Our gun holsters use neodymium (rare earth) magnets with poles that face each other to keep the holster from collapsing. For this reason, re-holstering your weapon is quick and effortless. The magnets also serve as a method of retention to help keep your firearm safe and secure.This revolutionary design is sure to appease even the most staunch skeptics.

Our Mag-Bar, Mag Holster and Magnetic Force Holsters are cutting edge in the gun holster and holder industry. As leaders in the firearm magnetic retention technology, we have developed magnetic mounting systems that allow you to attach your firearm virtually anywhere.