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MAG-BAR most commonly asked questions

Will the Mag-Bar be powerful enough to hold my pistol?

My gun has a plastic grip / frame. Will it stick to the Mag-Bar?

Will the Mag-Bar scratch the finish of my gun?

What if I hit a pothole or speed bump?

Is the Mounting Plate magnetic?

Will the magnet affect my firearm or ammunition?

Is it legal to use this system in my Vehicle?

Can I mount a rifle?

Can the Mag-Bar hold a Revolver?

Can I mount my holster to the Mag-Bar?

Do you have to use the Mounting Plate?

Will the Mag-Bar stay on the Mounting Plate when the gun is drawn? Or come off with the gun?

How do I remove the Mag-Bar from the Mounting Plate.

How strong is the double-sided tape?

What surfaces can I attach the double-sided tape to?

Will extreme heat or cold effect the adhesive tape?


MAG-HOLSTER most commonly asked questions

Can this holster be worn OWB?

Will the engraved images printed on the leather rub off?

Will one size holster fit multiple models of firearms?

Can the brown leather be laser engraved?

What does "tuckable" mean?