Ways to Best Conceal Mag Holsters
Concealed carry exists for any number of reasons. But when you do it, you want to be living up to both parts of the phrase. That is, you want to be carrying, and have access to your firearm, and you want it to be hidden from public view. You don’t want others to know you are armed.

Some might think simply wearing a long jacket is sufficient, and there might be some truth there. But wearing a jacket when having dinner at a nice restaurant in the middle of summer is hardly inconspicuous.

If you want to do it right, concealed carry needs to fit a myriad of social expectations. You need better ways in which to hide your mag holster and firearm. In order to do this effectively, you need to wear the right clothing.

Patterned Shirts

You might not be privy to the latest fashion trends, but you should know that printed shirts for people who conceal carry never go out of style. As a concealed carrier, you need to think about tossing those solid shirts in favor of patterned tees or button-ups.

You see, patterns fool the human eye. Even if you do a great job concealing your gun, an IWB holster still creates bulk and can potentially give you away. A solid color shirt isn't helping the cause either. But if you are wearing a shirt with stripes or other types of designs, any outline of your gun or holster gets lost in the pattern.

Choose Some Heft

A light polyester short might look good on you and show off your assets, but it will also showcase the fact you are armed. Light type fabrics like polyester tend to outline in great detail whatever happens to be under your shirt.

Heavier fabrics like denim or cotton don’t bend as much and better conceal what is underneath them.

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Choose a Hobby

There are full lines of tactical clothing that you could wear for concealed carry, but then you are basically giving away the fact you are carrying. You have all seen or perhaps worn those shirts made with extra pockets to carry your knife, flashlight and extra magazine. Make no mistake, they work great, but they are also very obvious.

It might work out better if you were to wear clothes designed for others interests, like fishing for example. Fishing shirts are loose-fitting, heavy, patterned and do not give away what you are carrying underneath.

Big Pants

While those sung jeans might extenuate your finer assets, they also might expose what you are carrying underneath them. Tucking a concealed carry weapon inside your pants will make your pants even tighter and cause a bulge.

It is a good idea to buy pants that are a little bigger than what you would normally wear. This will give you enough room for your gun and mag holster without the bulge. It will also allow you to breathe easier we expect.

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